Wellness Ministry

Ascension’s Wellness Ministry Promotes Positive Mental Health 

Ascension’s Wellness Ministry focuses on understanding and promoting positive mental health for all. The ministry’s central purpose includes helping reduce the stigma often associated with mental illness, in addition to mental health issues, in general.

The Wellness Ministry offers educational presentations on topics related to individual mental health. The ministry also provides resources, as well as information about treatment centers, seminars/workshops, support groups, books, and websites available to members of Ascension, along with guests and visitors.

Ascension's wellness ministry team currently includes six members – two advocates and one of our pastors. Advocates are part of The Lutheran Foundation's Mental Health Advocacy Initiative Program. This initiative intends to develop an awareness of resources, support, and compassion for those who deal with mental health needs, whether those needs are personal, in the family, or with friends. Right now, there are 53 congregations and 61 advocates engaged in promoting wellness ministries in northeast Indiana.

A "Wellness Ministry" display area is in the church narthex at Ascension. The display houses relevant mental health materials, resources, and information about upcoming events in the 10-county area of northeast Indiana. Forms are available for feedback on presentations and suggestions for Ascension’s wellness team. A box to submit them is in the display area. 

Upcoming events and selected mental health literature can be  found in the church's weekly newsletter. If you do not already receive the newsletter, please contact the church office (260 486-2226), and ask that it be sent to you.