What Our Parents & Graduates Say About ALCS

Parent Testimonials

G: “Our son has been truly blessed by the well-rounded education he has received, combining rigorous academics with religious instruction that integrates catechesis worship experience, while offering a full range of extra-curricular activities in athletics and the performing arts. School was not just something that happened to be physically located at the church but which involved the children in the life of the congregation…

“We were impressed by how strongly the entire congregation supports the school and, whether or not their own children are in it, get involved in the school and its activities. You can very much feel the enthusiasm, integrity, and Christian care and concern of the faculty and staff for giving the children the best education and nurture possible….”

J: “Small size, yet plentiful resources, including library and technology, strong music program, wonderful teachers, and parental involvement. We feel truly blessed to have been a part of Ascension…”

S: “Leadership, small classroom size, parent involvement, curriculum, and athletics.”

P: “Memory work curriculum, academic excellence, daily chapel, music, and a Christ-centered education. Keep up the good work of preparing children for a life in Christ!”

Student Testimonials

C: A High school senior who is planning to be an ER physician:

“Ascension was a great elementary/grade school to attend. The teachers are all very attentive to getting the best out of every student and pushing them to better themselves. 

The education I received while at Ascension aided me greatly in high school. I was prepared in every way I could be and started my freshman year taking sophomore classes. I feel like Ascension is a great, friendly environment that teaches kids not only the state assigned curriculum, but also how to be good people and to live their lives in a Christ centered way. 

I would like to thank everyone at Ascension for helping me to better myself and to help prepare me for the future by laying the foundations that supported who I was to become, and who I am today.”

T: A college student preparing to be a math teacher: 

“I laugh at being asked to write three or four sentences about this school, because I am going to go on for a while about how Ascension has helped me not only in preparation for high school in academics, but in my walk with Jesus Christ and my commitment to the Creator of the Universe.  

First off, I want to say that even though I only attended Ascension Lutheran grade school for only grades 6-8, I feel like I have always been part of the Ascension family and congregation, never being excluded from anything.  I have met some fantastic people from that school who are now lifelong friends.

“Clearly, I have had incredible friends and teachers at Ascension, and it will be a sad day when they retire and my children will not get to have them as well, but I thank God that my parents sacrificed the necessary efforts and funds to send me to this school.

“I can confidently say that my faith was planted in me for life at Ascension, and that, my friends, is the most important thing a school can do for anyone.”


Jesus said, “Let the little children
come to me and do not hinder them,
 for to such belongs 
the kingdom of heaven.”

Matthew 19:14 (ESV)


M: wrote in her 8th grade graduation speech: 

“We have been granted many opportunities at Ascension Lutheran School. We have been blessed with teachers who care deeply about their work, about their students, and about our Lord Jesus Christ. We have been taught well. 

We have learned how to effectively convey our thoughts in written word. We have learned how to spell. We have come to understand our physical world through scientific experimentation. We have learned about the history of this country. We have learned to solve algebraic equations. 

But most importantly we have come to understand God’s love for us and more particularly the opportunity God offers each of us to live with Him forever in paradise.”