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Ascension Angels - Sports

Ascension offers extracurricular team sports to students in grade four through eight. Boys may play fall soccer, winter basketball, and spring track. Girls may play fall volleyball, winter basketball and cheerleading, and spring track. In addition, our athletes may join other school’s teams for sports that we do not offer, like football, wrestling, and girls’ soccer.  Practices and games are after school, in the evenings, and on Saturdays.

Our school belongs to the Lutheran Schools Athletic Association. More than 16 schools in Northeast Indiana belong to LSAA. This league schedules matches, hires referees, and organizes league championships. The LSAA website is found at

Ascension teams compete on both the varsity and junior varsity levels. Varsity teams are usually made up of seventh and eighth grade athletes while junior varsity teams are usually made up of fourth, fifth, and sixth graders. Our coaches are staff members, parents, or other congregational members who volunteer their time. Parents also help by driving groups of athletes to games, keeping score, acting as line judges, and running concessions.