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Library, Technology, & Tutoring

Library Ascension has been committed to building an up-to-date library collection so that students always have a large selection of reading materials. Our library is made up of more than 7000 fiction and non-fiction titles that are updated regularly. We use a computerized library management system that handles our check out cataloging procedures, and students visit the library at least once a week.  Each classroom also has a large classroom library collection.

Technology Technology is an important part of curriculum and our school management system. All classrooms have Internet access and has computers available for student use. The school has a wireless laptop lab that travels from classroom to classroom, and all classrooms have mimeo whiteboard projection systems.  We continue to make purchases that include iPads, Document Cameras, and more to do our best to be current with today's technology needs.

Accelerated Reader and Star Reading Tests An important part of our reading and integrated technology curriculum is the Accelerated Reader system. When students read library books, they take an AR computerized comprehension test. This system tracks how well students comprehend what they have read, how much time they spend reading, and at what instructional level they are reading. This system has increased both the amount of time spent reading and also comprehension levels. The Star reading tests also give teacher valuable information about student reading levels.

NWEA Measures of Academic Progress Computerized Achievement Tests Twice each year Ascension administers the NWEA MAP tests, which track individual student progress and classroom progress from fall to spring and year to year. Students also take the ISTEP+ tests each spring.

Tutoring Ascension teachers differentiate instruction in the classrooms to reach students at all instruction levels. For those students who need more one-to-one one help, tutoring is available. A speech therapist and some counseling services also are provided by our area public school systems.