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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the age requirements for entering school?

To enter Kindergarten, children must be 5 years old by August 1.  

For preschool, children should be 3 years old by August 1. All ages must be completely toilet trained.


What documentation do you require to enter school?

Copy of birth certificate (needed by June 30), custody papers if applicable, health questionnaire/Immunization Record

Birth certificate, immunization records, & forms in Kindergarten Enrollment Info Packet

Kindergarten through grade 8:
Custody papers if applicable

First through grade 8:
 Previous school records, if applicable, including birth certificate and immunization records. (The school secretary will request the previous school’s records.)


What is the school tuition?

For Kindergarten through grade eight:
Members: 1st payment of $125 is due at registration.  Remaining 8 payment of $125 are due by the first of each month, October through May.  ($1,100 if paid in full at registration.)

Non-Members:  1st payment of $375 is due at registration.  Remaining 8 payments of $375 are due by the first of each month, October through May. ($3300 if paid in full at registration.)

Seminary discount and grants available.

The annual tuition will be paid monthly, with the first payment due at registration. The remaining 8 payments are due by the first of each month, October through May. 

Monthly payments:

T/Th ½ day: $76.00    T/Th all day: $176.00

MWF ½ day:  $114.00   MWF all day: $264.00

M - F ½ day: $190.00   M - F all day: $440.00

We do not offer discounts or grants for our preschool program.


Do you have an enrollment fee?

Yes. An non-refundable enrollment fee is required for preschool and all grades.

Kindergarten through grade eight: 
The fee is $400.00: ($200.00) due Feb. 15 to reserve and secure a place in the class for your child, ($200) due June 30.

The fee is $70, due Feb. 15 or when enrolling if after Feb. 15th to reserve and secure a place in the class for your child.


Are uniforms required? 

The dress code applies to students in grades Kindergarten through grade eight. 

Khaki or navy blue Docker style dress pants (casual pants or jeans of any kind are not permitted)

Polo or turtleneck style shirts in solid colors 

Long or short sleeve buttoned-down dress shirts in solid colors

One burgundy polo shirt, monogrammed with the school logo required (ordered through the school)
Order Uniforms (Lands' End) 

Shirts must be worn tucked in, and any t-shirt worn under a shirt must be white.

No uniform is required for preschool students, but clothing should be modest and practical. Pants should have an elastic waist if possible, and children should wear gym shoes and socks.  Appropriate wording and symbols on clothing is essential.


When do classes begin?

The day begins for Kindergarten through grade 8 at 8:15 daily. Classes dismiss at 3:15. Preschool hours vary; please contact the school office for more information.


Is Ascension accredited?

Yes. Ascension has earned the "Exemplary" rating through the state of Indiana's accreditation process and is also accredited through the National Lutheran Schools. 


Is there before and after school child care available?

Yes, our before school care begins at 7:15 a.m. Our after school care is available until 5:30 p.m. If parents need earlier or later times, we will try to make accommodations.


What kind of lunch program is available?

Hot lunches are provided through the Fort Wayne Community Schools satellite lunch program. Meals are prepared and packaged off-site and then reheated in our kitchen. Monthly menus are provided to families.