School : Continuous Learning Plan


District or Charter School Name

Ascension Lutheran School, Fort Wayne, Indiana


Section One:  Delivery of Learning


1.     Describe how you will deliver continuous learning opportunities for all students, including special student populations.

Ascension Lutheran students and/or their parents are receiving emails on Thursdays with instructions for learning for the following week.  The teachers are sharing out lessons for three days of instruction per week with the other two days used as work days.


We have a small number of students with Individualized Service Plans.  Classroom teachers are modifying instruction for them, per their documented ISPs and our Resource Teacher is following up to help in any way needed.


This form of continuous learning will now take place until May 21.





2.     Describe how your district communicates expectations for continuous learning implementation to 1. ) students, 2.) families, and 3.) staff.

Most communication to our students and their families is done via email, Zoom, Google Classroom, Bloomz, or SeeSaw – dependent upon the content and grade level.  The teachers have made sure that all families have access to these platforms and the school has even provided some families devices upon which to receive this information and do classwork.  Phone calls and texts are made to families who are not responding to the electronic forms of communication.  The staff corresponds with each other often via text or email and has a weekly Tuesday morning Zoom time.  Staff has been asked to touch base somehow with every family in their homeroom class, weekly.





3.     Describe student access to academic instruction, resources, and supports during continuous learning.

Student access to academic instruction and resources is done mostly through online platforms.  Most of our families have access to devices and those that don’t were provided school chromebooks.  Teachers were able to send home consumable materials on our last day of instruction and some of the student work is to be completed using those materials and then shared with the teacher using an online platform.  We are confident all have the ability to receive the instructions and resources via online.  Should there be issues families are encouraged to contact the teachers or administration for support.










4.     What equipment and tools are available to staff and students to enable your continuous learning plan? Please list.


●       Staff computers

●       Student chromebooks

●       Family devices that students will use

●       Lots of online platforms including but not limited to Google Classroom, Bloomz, See Saw, IXL, MobyMax, AR








5.     Describe how educators and support staff are expected to connect with students and families on an ongoing basis.

Weekly lessons are sent out on Thursdays for the following week.  Teachers are meeting weekly with their students via Zoom to check in and are being persistent in following up weekly with any students that appear to be MIA.  Ascension continues to send out the weekly newsletter on Fridays and update our facebook page.  Emails keep many connected as well.









6.     Describe your method for providing timely and meaningful academic feedback to students.


Teachers are providing feedback to students by grading homework on Google Classroom, responding to SeeSaw submission, and putting grades in the online gradebook that families can see.  Personal (email, phone call, or text) conversations are taking place as appropriate and needed.










Section Two:  Achievement and Attendance


7.     Does your continuous learning plan provide an avenue for students to earn high school credits? If so, describe the approach.










8.     Describe your attendance policy for continuous learning.


Teachers are sharing work for three days of instruction per week.  Students are listed as present unless they are not interacting with the teacher and/or the assigned lessons.









9.     Describe your long-term goals to address skill gaps for the remainder of the school year.

In many of the online programs being used a report is given regarding skill gaps.  As these online programs continue to be used teachers will assign work specific to students to address the gaps as well as challenge those who are ready to be challenged.  Summer learning options are being considered.









Section Three:  Staff Development


10.Describe your professional development plan for continuous learning.

Teachers have been continuously learning during this phase of remote education and have grown tremendously in their styles and expectations of teaching.  Current professional development includes online training on new tools being utilized, and collaborative opportunities offered by our state and local supportive agencies.  Teachers are required to attend weekly online faculty meetings, collaborate with their peers, and document weekly teaching and expectations.


Administration will also continue professional development through weekly meetings with other area administrators, which include the latest resources, information, and opportunities shared from the federal, state, and local government.